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Spa Etiquette

Going to the spa shouldn’t be stressful. So why worry? Here are some basic rules of spa etiquette. Reading these basics may help you know what to expect and help you feel more at ease so that you can comfortably enter our serene atmosphere.



The price of your Spa treatment does not include gratuities. Between 15 and 20 percent for each person who gave you service is customary, but you may, of course, leave more or less, depending upon the level of your satisfaction with your experience. You may include your tip in your personal check or credit card charge. We also provide small envelopes for cash tips.:


All will agree; time is our most valuable asset. Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel a treatment, or 48 hours notice in the case of packages. This gives us time to schedule another client. “No shows” and late cancellations will be charged in full for the treatment scheduled.


This is a place of tranquility and relaxation. Please respect the quiet and privacy of other Spa guests by refraining from using cell phones and pagers in the Spa. Thank You.

When to arrive:

For your enhanced comfort and relaxation, we suggest that you arrive 20 minutes prior to your treatment, allowing time to enjoy the eucalyptus steam room or shower. If this is your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete a client profile and familiarize yourself with our facility. We look forward to introducing you to the Studio 55 experience.


It is very important to be on time for your scheduled appointment. In order for clients to remain on schedule, we may be required to shorten your treatment time if you are late for your appointment, in which case the full value of your treatment will be applied. Your punctuality will be appreciated by our team and by our clients.


To maintain our serene atmosphere, we ask that you not bring children to the Spa unless they are scheduled for treatments. All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Massages or body treatments will not be provided for children under 18 unless accompanied by their parent or guardian.

What to wear during treatment:

When you arrive at the Spa, you will be given a locker key, a luxurious robe, and a pair of slipper for your use during your stay. If you are having a hydrotherapy treatment, you may choose to wear disposable undergarments which we will provide. Again, we want to make sure that you are comfortable, so please let us know if you have any questions.

Modesty Issues:

Towels and robes are provided and can keep you continually covered. Therapists are well trained in the “art of draping”; they keep you covered at all times except for the area of the body on which they are working.


We recommend you leave all valuable items at home when taking Spa services. If however, you have brought valuables, make certain they are securely locked in our locker. We assume no responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen personal articles.


Like life, prices and service times are subject to change without notice

Spa Reviews

Five stars in every way ***** An oasis in Laredo a must if you have not experienced it yet!

Alejandra J.

Spa Reviews

Love this place the employees are so wonderful an very nice when I've gone an my mom loved it as well I just really can't say nothing bad about this place an there so good at everything whatever your going for massages pedicures hair dues makeup everything I Just love this place differently recommend especially for special occasions for special ppl like ur beautiful mother on mothers day 😉 they just know how to do there job an are so sweet 10+ for sure

Marina G.

Spa Reviews

Studio 55 is literally my favorite place in Laredo. I have been a customer since 2004 and the service has always been impeccable. It is a little piece of heaven within our city. They continue to consistently uphold high customer service standards without fail.


Spa Reviews

Always professional and excellent service. 20+ miles of weekly running and they get me relaxed and tension free! Highly recommend!

Alex B.

Spa Reviews

Love this place. A very relaxing atmosphere and the staff is very welcoming!

Cristy R.

I am definitely a spa “junkie”

As a traveling physician, I make it a point to try every spa in the towns I visit. This is by far MY FAVORITE AND BEST EXPERIENCE. As a matter of fact, I tried this first, and stopped looking. This is where I receive my services.
From the moment you step in you’re welcomed by a polite and invit- ing friendly staff, given a plush robe, an automatic key pad locker, and comfy slippers.
The Shiatsu massage with Ita is an experience not to be missed or forgotten. Truly therapeutic. She is very conscious and conscientious of her clients needs and reactions to pressure points. I can not say enough about her. She is usually booked far in advance (average one month wait) so make sure you book early if you're ever coming through here.
Afterwards you are welcome to use the steam room and shower with bubble bee products and everything you could ever imagine needing in the ladies locker room (hair products, hair dryer, mouth wash, q tips, make up remover.. seriously EVERYTHING ). Love this place!


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions


If you would like to reserve an appointment or have any questions, please call us at: 956.712.4444. For any additional information, please use our Contact Form.